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Pica, kāpēc ne kabaču?! (4)


● 2 kabači● 1 glāze izsijātu miltu● 3 olas● 1 tējkarote cepamā pulvera● 1 tomāts● siers● sāls● dilles● augu eļļa● 1 olas dzeltenums


  1. Kabačus nomizo, sarīvē uz rupjās rīves.
  2. Pievieno olas, sakapātas dilles, miltus, samaisa, pieber sāli.
  3. Picas veidni ietauko ar eļļu, liek kabaču masu, virsū liek tomātu gredzentiņus, uzklāj sakultu olas dzeltenumu.
  4. Cep 180°C temperatūrā, 30 minūtes, tad uzkaisa sarīvētu sieru un turpina cept vēl 5 minūtes.
drošības attēls
Jauns kods
Posted 2 years ago
I completely agree with you. I have long thought that about horror. Most of the really ࣮lightܙ people I know are very much in touch with their dark side. I think it strengthens the writing. Good for you, Aine!
Posted 2 years ago
I was too new a quilter to make a quilt, but I'd really like to try. My (adopted) dau9hterg;s relationship with her siblings (raised by relatives) is one of the most important elements in her life and I love seeing the attention this project is bringing to the special concerns of siblings separated by foster care! http://efolqhjd.com [url=http://bqnjjttsk.com]bqnjjttsk[/url] [link=http://yzsqpunl.com]yzsqpunl[/link]
Posted 2 years ago
A mí esta tía me da un poco de repelús, desde el principio. He de reconocer que algunas de sus canciones me gustan, pero en general me parece muy repetitiva. Y bueno, sí, que hace lo que le sale del coño, pero yo no puedo evitar pensar en Madonna (y en que es un pobre intento de imitarla) cada vez que la ves!!eoicosB.!
Posted 2 years ago
Thank you, Karen. You are such an inspiration and encouragement to me. Thank you for investing in me and in my family! And thank you for seeing the essence of Colby in the pi;.&reu#8230ctwhen I was looking through my pics this one jumped out and said, “Me – of course!!” Thank you thank you my sweet sister!!!
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